Friday, February 13, 2015

Fandom Friday: Marvel vs DC

Whose side are you on?
Greetings! Today I will be tackling the great question that has haunted many nerds as they tried to sleep at night: which is better, Marvel or DC?  So grab your utility belts, suit up, and get ready for a humble fangirl's opinion on this comic debate.

*I do not think of myself as a comic book expert by any means so most of my thoughts are based on TV show and movie adaptations.*

Favorite Heroes/Characters
When push comes to shove, most of my favorite comic book characters hail from the Marvel universe.  I can't help it, I can still remember watching the first X-Men movie and being totally smitten by Wolverine and seeing Spider Man made me wish I could shoot webs from my wrists. (Though that always freaked me out, like where did the web even come from?!)  But my first caped crusader love was the Dark Knight himself and some of my earliest childhood memories involve Batman and Robin and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  However, today I worship the Avengers, obsess over the X-Men, I am super pumped for Spider Man to join the Avengers, and I fangirl over Deadpool frequently, but some DC characters still hold my attention.  The entire world of Gotham will always fascinate me and with The Flash and The Arrow on TV, my hero obsession is only growing.  All in all, it is a great time to be a comic book fan as so many characters are getting their own TV shows or movies; my next few years of movies and TV screenings are conveniently mapped out for me.

The Worlds of Superheroes
"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald
One of the many reasons I love so many characters in both of these universes is because of their origins.  All of my absolute favorite characters have had a rough life and I can't help but admire them for rising above their hardships to become something better and it is amazing to witness.  This admiration is what keeps me from actually picking a side in this debate, because in my eyes, I just see these interesting, complex and compelling stories and characters that give me hope.  I don't think there is a better or more successful side, but each has delivered their own immortal heroes that I don't think will ever die.  As long as there are readers and comic books in this world, these heroes will live on forever within the pages of a comic book.

Favorite Marvel Hero: Spider Man                                               
                                                                         Favorite DC Hero:Batman

Thus ends another installment of Fandom Friday.  Do you have a favorite superhero?  Are you a Marvel fan or a DC fan?  Which comic book character deserves his/her own movie?  Comment down below.  See you all next week!


  1. Though I do love both, I am also a Marvel guy at heart. I've heard someone say that the biggest difference between Marvel and DC is how the heroes react to their powers. DC heroes are often god-like, and act as such. Their powers are almost a right, and it's their duty to use them accordingly. In the Marvel universe, superpowers are almost always a curse. They keep the heroes from living the "normal" lives they would be living otherwise.

    There are exceptions on both sides, of course. And I'm not sure that one is necessarily better than the other, but it certainly makes for different dynamics in the telling superhero stories!

  2. For me, watching heroes turning their difficulties into something spectacular is as exciting as achieving something for myself. I think for fans, their favorite heroes are linked with their hopes, dreams, and their best wishes.

  3. I'm with you Emma. I remember watching X-Men for the first time and completely falling in love with the whole world. Marvel is also the home of most of my favorite superheroes, but Arrow has opened my eyes to DC and The Flash is on my list of TV shows I have to watch.

  4. I'll admit I'm a Marvel baby, but I've always held a place in my heart for all superheroes, whether they be Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, or other born. My parents raised me with them so it's always been extraordinarily hard to choose.

  5. I definitely am more a Marvel person, but I do love Batman. He is my favorite superhero depending on the day.