Friday, February 6, 2015

Fandom Friday: Fangirling 101

Fandom Spotlight: Teen Wolf

Hello internet!  Do you love a book, TV show, or movie so much you just can't even?!  Do you find yourself caring more about fictional characters than real people and obsessing over fictional worlds/scenarios like some kind of crazy person?!  Newsflash: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!You my friend are in a fandom. 

This blog is all about some of my favorite fandoms, but believe me when I tell you that I can't even begin to imagine how many I am actually in, lets just say its A LOT.  Since I will be ranting- I mean, discussing my favorite fandoms; I will be using some language associated with this lifestyle.  Some of you may have already figured this out already, but for those of you new to this wonderful and maddening world of being in a fandom, let me teach you a thing or two about fangirling.

(Attention: I will be using definitions found on urban dictionary so if you want to see some other definitions, feel free to do so.)
 Fandom: The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people.
(Here's an official definition for fandom, in case anyone was wondering what else it involved.)
Example: I am in the Teen Wolf fandom and love looking at fan made videos about the show!

Fangirling: the reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her "affection". These reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, high-pitched noises, shaking, fierce head shaking as if in the midst of a seizure, wet panties, endless blog posts, etc.
Example: OMG!!!! Did you see that one episode of Teen Wolf when Scott and Stiles had that adorable bro hug in the hospital?!?! *squeeeee!!!!!!*

Feels: A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.
Example: That scene when the Argent's were torturing Derek gave me ALL THE FEELS!!!!!

Spoiler Alert:  Usually a term to describe when crucial elements of a movie are about to be revealed (i.e. the ending, character deaths, a twist, etc.)
Beware of spoilers; they can ruin your life. 

Can't Even: Can't deal or can't handle it.
Example: That cliff hanger was so brutal, I just can't even!!

Ship: Short for romantic relationship/to endorse a romantic relationship.
Example: I ship Stiles x Derek.

OTP: One True Pairing. Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.
Example: My otp is totally Stiles x Lydia, they are so cute together!

There we go, I hope everyone has learned something today.  Stay tuned for more fandom fun!!
What fandoms are you in?  Who do you ship?  Who makes up your otp?  Comment with your answers or any questions you may have for me.

See ya next Friday!   


  1. I was not aware of some of this terminology, specifically "ship" and "OTP." Good to know!

  2. I'm pretty proud of myself, I had heard of everything except OTP. As for fantoms, I'd say I'm a resident of the Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Jane Austen fandoms.

  3. I'm actually in the fandom of Japanese Anime, but I'd like to learn more about other cool fandoms of TV dramas and movies! I have not yet watched many TV shows, but I'd like to hear more recommendations!

  4. Loved this! I am proud to say I knew all the terms and definitions. I consider myself a member of the Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, and so many more fandoms. You should do a blog about all the names that fans give themselves, like Whovians and Fannibals.

  5. It's slightly embarrassing to admit that I knew all of those... Well then, it seems I'm already a fangirl at heart. There's no saving me now.

  6. I'm not a big Teen Wolf fan and I got lost in some of the terminology as well.