Friday, April 17, 2015

Fandom Friday: SHERLOCK

I Don't Have Friends.  I Only Have One.

Get out your deerstalkers and magnifying glasses, it is time to make some deductions about the second piece of the ultimate fandom trilogy: Sherlock.  This is a BBC, modern adaption of the famous stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the incredibly gifted Sherlock Holmes and his associate, Dr. John Watson.  The show follows some of the main points of the stories really well, but it is a modern adaptation so of course there are some changes.  Anyways, why don't I just get down to business and gush about one of my favorite TV shows EVER!!!

*********WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!*********

The Boys of 221b Baker Street
So the show is one of the most gorgeous things you will ever seen on the small screen.  Why?  Because each episode is like a movie.  The running time on each episode is about an hour and thirty minutes - which give sufficient time to include marvelous amounts of detail, story, and character motivation into every episode.  However, the downside of the long episodes is that there are only three episodes per series.  The production that goes into each episode is nothing like you will find on other TV series.  The caliber of the actors, acting, costumes, special effects, and story is so high - it puts so many other TV shows to shame.
How is a Victorian gentlemen who helps solve crimes for the police translated into the modern London world?  Sherlock is pretty...interesting.  He is a high-functioning sociopath - not a psychopath, he is socially inept, he is driven, he was/is a drug addict, he is a master of deducing the smallest details out of what he sees, a genius in his own right, and quite frankly a bit of a drama queen.  He thrives on crimes and murders, he loves to solve them.  To him, the things he sees in crime scenes are like puzzle pieces and he often doesn't factor in his own emotion.  This is where war veteran Dr. John Watson comes in.  When we first meet John, he is using a cane to help him walk, due to a leg wound from Afghanistan.  It was fairly circumstantial that they met, but John was immediately awed by Sherlock when Sherlock was able to deduce several things about him just from looking at him.  Sherlock was in need of a flatmate, as was John, so they ended moving in together.  John was then able to help humanize Sherlock.  Thus began their adventures together, I won't go into much detail here, but as each series airs, their freindship and bond grows stronger, making their relationship one of my favorites on the small screen.

The Hiatus(es)
The Sherlock fandom is a crazy one, I will give you that.  We have some rights to be crazy though.  First of all, we have to fangirl about the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch - with his sharp cheekbones, dark curly hair, the purple shirt of sex, and seductive deep voice. 


John and Mary - wedding

Sherlock and Irene
Sherlock and Molly

To make matters worse, there are several powerful ships on this show and no one knows what to do with their feels.  Arguably, the biggest is Johnlock and I mean really, who are they fooling...NO ONE!  Then there are the cuter ones like John and Mary (so adorable since Martin and Amanda are husband and wife in real life), Sherlolly - Sherlock and  Molly (it could be cute too!), or even the hot and steamy Sherlock and Irene - we all know how Irene feels about Sherlock. 

Then there is the pure awesomeness that is the show.  The plot drives fans insane; especially The Reichenbach Fall.  Sherlock "DIES" and then the episode ends with a broken John leaving his grave and Sherlock standing back in the distance - still ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So many feels and cries of sobbing fangirls could be heard around the world - but how long did we have to wait until we knew what happened next??? YEARS!!!!!!!! YEARS as in MORE THAN 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! This kind of sick torture is what really give the fandom it's insane reputation because as we go on hiatus from our show for such a long time, the fans get stir crazy and start creating the most random fandom shit ever to grace the internet.  These breaks in the show have created the cannons that Sherlock is an otter and John is a hedgehog and we starts seeing the tiniest clues as we re-watch each episode several times because WHAT ELSE ARE WE TO DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  The fandom is crazy, smart, and not the most patient fandom ever - but an emotional one to say the least.

So have you seen Sherlock?  Are you familiar with the character or stories?  Comment down below any thoughts and next week will reveal the third component to the multifandom trilogy.




  1. YESSSSSSS. I've been waiting for you to talk about Sherlock; its one of my favorite shows! My family and I watched it over the summer, and we all became well and truly obsessed. The writing and plots are absolutely brilliant, but also terrible because we have to wait until next year to see the next season. I'm quite terrified because of all the rumors that this next season is going to be dark and tragic. I am looking forward to the Victorian Christmas episode that they keep hinting at!

  2. Yesterday, when I finished planning everything for the finals week, and found that I had a whole afternoon and night to do anything besides my school work, I did something I wanted to do long time ago -- watching Sherlock season three. Oh god, I love this show. I enjoyed every episode of it, and especially every episode of season three. Because, I guess, I was touched deeply by what Sherlock did for John and Mary in the season. He is indeed one of my favorite characters, and he is indeed a sociopath... but, perhaps a sociopath with the most sincere heart. And, it's always fun to see how each case gets solved and how Sherlock and John interact with each other.

  3. Sherlock!!! I've been hooked on the show since the very first episode and the long hiatuses kill me! Though it is great to see what the fans come up with during the breaks. I can't wait for the Victorian episode.

  4. I want it back so much! I want Mary! I want John! I want to know what, exactly, is going on! So much want, and yet the hiatus continues... why BBC? Why?!

  5. I don't have television, so I must ask, does the television series stay true to the written work?

    1. It's on Netflix. Granted it is a modern adaptation there are things that are different, but the mysteries and adventure are all the same.